Under the title 'La ronda de las ciudades’, I present a vision of architecture, nature and the urban environment, where I show my investigative zeal by applying techniques as diverse as oil painting, photography, collage and assembled volumes.


As Juan Manuel Bonet describes in the text of the exhibition catalog:
"Coro López-Izquierdo is not an "architect who paints", but a painter with the training and vision of an architect, aware of the family tradition in which she is inscribed."

With my bicycle, as one more tool of my work and that appears in many of my compositions, I ride through the cities that come my way: Madrid, La Granja, Puerto de Santa Maria, Burgos, Lisbon, Lyon, Paris, Milan, Naples, Ghent, Shanghai, Luzhi, ...I stop in front of the buildings and show my façades as the result of the passing of time, there are many centenary businesses that appear, sometimes abandoned and full of rusted locks.

I also want to witness the human presence, both the one that inhabits this architecture and whose experience we glimpse through its curtains or flowerpots, as well as those who deliberately intervene it with my art, in this way I recreate other people's realizations of urban artists, but at other times I include my own interventions that do not exist in reality.

They are images that move away from the noise and bustle, showing us gardens and streets empty of people, in contrast to the voluptuous foliage and façades overloaded with stimuli.

A plastic exercise in which I work with fidelity the representation of objects and spaces, but I introduce in the painted image an enigmatic element of mystery, thus transcending the visible perception of reality.

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